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Welcome to CNC Accessories

We offer factory support and parts for CNC Enhancements machines through out the world, and service for MTA, Spego, Alpine, CNC Indexing, and other barfeeds in the Los Angeles area. We are also manufacturing a limited supply of high-pressure coolant systems.

The History of CNC Accessories

Grindley Manufacturing in Los Angeles started manufacturing hydraulic bar feeders in the late 1980s. I (Bryan Goss), after graduating from college, and finding that you can't get a job in engineering unless you have years of experiance, started working in the tooling room at Grindley in 1990. In 1994 Grindley sold the bar feed division to Dan Diorio Jr. Mr. Diorio used the division to start CNC Enhancements, and moved it to Canoga Park, CA. I went with the division and started working for CNC Enhancements. Mr. Diorio contracted a designer in Colorado to design the Autobar 400. The prototype of the Autobar 400 was delivered to CNC Enhancements in 1995. Mr. Diorio and myself spent several months re-designing it so it would work, and developed the machine we finally sold. During that time I was promoted to Chief Engineer. In 2000 the market took a major drop, and at the same time competing companies started importing a very low cost machine from Taiwan. Mr. Diorio tried to save the business by expanding our product line into high-pressure coolant systems. However, as it turned out it was too little too late. In May of 2003 CNC Enhancements went out of business. When I found out CNC Enhancements was going out of business, I bought the phone numbers, customer files, and spare part supply along with enough machines to continue manufacturing the space parts. I have since started doing service work for MTA and Spego in the Los Angeles area to add to the bottom-line. I also started manufacturing the high-pressure coolant systems again for one of the OEM's that used to buy from CNC Enhancements, and I am starting to offer them to other dealers. The Business is going strong, and although no more of the CNC Enhancements machines are being built, by adding the service for other bar feed manufacturers and the production of high-pressure coolant systems in limited supply, I expect to be in business for many years to come.