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Head up / down sensor
Part Number: 0905
Availability: In stock.
Notes: This Sensor is an optical sensor that looks down at a block coming up. If either the top of the block or the bottom of the sensor are dirty this sensor will not work. To clean the sensor just wipe off the bottom of it with a clean dry cloth, never spray anything on any of the sensor. Clean the block how ever you want.
Omron Sensor Plug
Part Number: 0545
Availability: In Stock.
Head up sensor mount tie rod
Part Number: 0908
Availability: In Stock.
Notes: This rod is 35-1/4 inches long
Head Up Stop
Part Number: 0948
Availability: In Stock.
Head Up Stop Follower Sprocket Mount
Part Number: 0946
Availability: In Stock.
Head Up Stop Follower Sprocket
Part Number: 0941
Availability: In Stock.
Chain for USAM
Part Number: 1000
Availability: In Stock.
Notes: USAM stands for "Up Stop Adjustment Mechanism"
Chain Master Link
Part Number: 1065
Availability: In Stock.