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Parts Department

This parts department is only for identifying the parts you are looking for. To order the parts, please call (818)347-7983 Monday thru Friday from 7:30am to 5pm PST, or send an email to Please include:
1. The parts you are looking for and quantities. (Either part numbers for descripsions)
2. Your mailing and shipping address.
3. Your name and phone number with extention.
4. How you want to pay for them (COD, Credit card "do not include card information", or Net-30 if you have an open account).
5. How you want the parts shipped (either UPS or FedEX, and how fast Red, Blue, Ground, Etc.).
6. The machine the parts are for, and the serial number of the machine (example: Autobar 300 serial number 385).
7. Purchase order number for your trackng.

Parts Identification

Please select your machine.